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Step One

Select the product you want and click, then proceed to the Details Page to retrieve more information about the electronics – product size, shipping and returns policy.

  1. Select the size|colour| of the product

  2. Select “add to cart” to add the product to your shopping cart.

Step Two

The product has been added to your shopping cart. Select “view cart” or the “cart” button to view the product you added. You can also select the “checkout” button to begin payment, or you can select “continue shopping” to add more products to your cart. You may select “use coupon” and enter the code if available.

Step Three

Select “checkout” and begin payment.

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  2. If you’re a new user, please sign up with us before you begin payment.

Step four

After successful login, you’ll proceed to “checkout” page, please fill your information and continue payment.

  1. Fill out your shipping address.

  2. Select the method of delivery.

  3. Select the method of payment.

  4. Select “continue checkout” button.

Step five

Complete your card details to proceed to payment.

  1. You’re 100% guaranteed of the security of payment.

  2. Fill in your card information and select the “secure checkout” button.

  3. We also accept other payment alternatives such as iDeal, Sofort, OXXO, and PayPal.

Step Six

  1. Once your payment goes through, it will appear reading “Congratulations! We have received your payment!”

  2. You may select “Order No.” to see the “Order Information” page to track and manage your orders.

Enjoy your shopping.