In order for us to serve you better, these are a few shopping policies we adhere to and would like you to comply with for a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Product Availability

All electronics displayed by us are subject to availability. If your order is placed, this will signify your offer to purchase a product from us. Your order will be acknowledged as soon as possible, but we shall be under no obligation to supply the product as ordered unless the product is in stock and are available at the price stipulated by us.

Should products that you order be out of stock, the price is higher than that shown on our shelves, or subject to delay we shall try to contact you with the registration details you provided when you placed your order.

Should we not be able to contact you, we shall continue to process the remaining products on your order. We won’t supply an alternative product without your express approval. Once a product is sold out, it will be immediately taken off the website at the earliest possible time.

Pricing Policy

The prices reflected in our electronics store are in USD and are inclusive of all taxes. All prices are subject to change. We have the exclusive right to adjust the prices due to market conditions, manufacturer changes, product discontinuation, mistakes in advertising, and other circumstances as may deem fit to occur.

You aren’t entitled to make a counterclaim unless both the validity and cost of the goods thereof has been admitted by us in writing. We try to present the most accurate information about the products in our online store at all times.

However, there may be instances when some of our featured electronics are in limited supply and because of their limitedness may not always be available. Once a product is out of supply, we may not be able to replenish said product and it’s your obligation to write us concerning the availability of a specific product on our site.

Product Representation

The colour of our products you see on this website depends on the display and colour spectrum of your computer and may not be the exact colour representation of the actual product. We put a massive effort to display products as featured online to be accurate as possible but cannot be held liable for the colour accuracy of your computer.